Witney Physiotherapy Centre


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy has a vital role to play in the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered fractures or dislocations or undergone surgical procedures.

Witney Physiotherapy Centre has many years of experience in this area and particularly with the post-operative management of spinal surgery


After orthopaedic surgery has fixed the structural defects of an injury, it is important that the appropriate activities and exercises are performed in order to regain normal function.  This often does not return automatically and requires careful guidance and monitoring from a physiotherapist, as well as hard work on the part of the patient.

For example, many people who have had hip or knee replacements do not achieve their optimum function because they do not continue with rehabilitation for long enough after their operation.  They find that they continue to limp even though their new joint is now painless.  This is because muscle weaknesses and habitual walking patterns have not been corrected.  This can cause muscular pains and strain on other joints, which can lead to future problems.

At Witney Physiotherapy Centre we maintain close communication with our referring surgeons to ensure the safest and most effective care.  We will be happy to see patients soon after discharge from hospital and in some cases we are able to visit people at home, when traveling to the clinic is difficult. Patients may refer themselves to the clinic but it is important that the physiotherapist has full details of the surgical procedure.

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