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If you would like further information on physiotherapy and healthcare issues, please feel free to explore some of the links below.

Some of the links in this section will take you to Web sites not owned or operated by Witney Physiotherapy Centre.  Witney Physiotherapy Centre is not responsible for the condition of these links or the information they provide.  If you would like to report an issue with one of these links or the information displayed please contact us on 01993 201485 and we will investigate the issue.


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


The  Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapist in Private Practice (OCPPP)


Careers advice and guidance on the requirements needed to qualify as a Chartered Physiotherapist


The Regulatory Body for Physiotherapists and other Health Professionals


Site administration for our Physiotherapists. (Password protected)


Witney.net gives news and information about the town of Witney with links to many local businesses.


Physiotherapists in the United Kingdom are members of a Health Professions Council regulated professional body, bound by strict rules of professional conduct and practising evidence based conventional medicine.  If you would like to find out more about other alternative and complementary medicine, this American site “Quackwatch” is well-worth browsing through.

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