Witney Physiotherapy Centre


Our Physiotherapists

All the physiotherapists working at the Witney Physiotherapy Centre are State Registered (SRP) and Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (MCSP).

Chartered Physiotherapists undergo a full time three-year Bachelor of Science degree course in order to obtain their initial qualification.  Prior to working in a private clinic, further clinical education takes place over a number of years, working in hospitals and clinics alongside other members of the medical profession.

Experience is broad, encompassing most areas of medicine and surgery. This means that when deciding upon the best treatment for you, your general health will also be considered, to ensure safe and effective treatment.  Communication with your GP or specialist will be maintained to ensure that all the professionals involved in your care are working together.

Chartered Physiotherapists measure their clinical effectiveness by the same standards applied to other health professionals, including doctors and nurses. This is done through independent research to prove that physiotherapy works. For example, studies show that exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation, led by physiotherapists, results in a 25% reduction of sudden death rates after a heart attack.  There is a large and strong body of evidence to show that physiotherapy is an effective treatment for back pain.

Chartered Physiotherapists are bound by strict codes of professional conduct laid down by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and Health Professions Council for your protection.

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