Witney Physiotherapy Centre



All new patients visiting the clinic will be required to book an initial consultation in order that their medical history can be taken, and a thorough examination carried out.  This normally takes 45 minutes and will include appropriate treatment and advice.

Subsequent treatment sessions usually last 30 minutes, although 45 minute sessions can be arranged by the physiotherapist if required.  

 Consultation:         65

Treatment (half-hour):            49

Treatment (45 minutes):          59

Payment is required on each visit to the clinic.  We accept all major credit cards but do not take payment by cheque or cash.  You do not need to be referred to the clinic by a doctor , but if you wish to claim from a medical insurer, your insurer may require that you consult your GP first.  Please check your policy details.

All physiotherapists working at the Witney Physiotherapy Centre are recognised by and registered with the major health insurers.  Please note that prices quoted are for patients who settle their own accounts.  We offer a direct settlement service for some insured patients with a separate fee structure negotiated between the clinic and the insurance provider.

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